15 Reasons why your emails go to spam (Solutions Inside)

Oh, your emails go to spam? Really frustrated, isn’t it? However, no worries! Here is how to resolve.

Unfortunately, you are not alone and that’s why we are here to help you understand why your emails never end up in the inbox. So, we will explain how to avoid them by following some simple steps to correct and keep your emails off the spam folder.

It is most disturbing after all the time, effort, and creativity you put in your emails, some are not opened and are filtered as spam. Frankly, how many people check their spam folder often enough?  Followour simple guide and increase your deliverability. Keep your emails out of the spam folder and in your subscriber’s inbox.

SPAM emails have always beena problem on the Internet. Now,SPAM filters are more advanced and complex. Filters use several verification and inquiry standards.Internet service providers (ISPs) and email services filter and automatically block spam emails before reaching the inbox. But the filtering process isn’t always accurate, so even legit emails go to SPAM due to some mistakes you may be making.

1. Know your rights

Just like all business transactions abide by laws and regulations, so does digital marketing.  It is essential before launching your email marketing campaign to know of CAN-SPAM ACT and GDPR for EU countries Be fully aware of the significance of:

-Subscriber’s permission

-Your email address

-Appropriate subject line

-“Unsubscribe” button

It will only take a few minutes but save you plenty of time and money spent on harsh penalties.  No need to panic, it’s far easier than you imagine, and no tech skills are required.

2.  Request Subscriber’s Permission to Send Emails

Subscribers are vigilant and for good reasons. Emails from unknown senders are left unopened and marked as SPAM.  To increase your online revenue, you need to earn their trust. You accomplish this by getting permission before sending your emails.  We advise you to avoid sending several emails through business cards, social media, and random contacts. The more emails end up in the SPAM folder, the more emails will get flagged and end there, as well.

3.  Subscribers should whitelist your email address.

To ensure your email doesn’t end in the SPAM box, ask your subscribers to add your “From” addresgdprs to their contact list. We suggest including this recommendation in the first email you send when someone joins your email list, along with simple how-to instructions. It will enhance your credibility and deliverability.

4. Establish your electronic authentication

There are applications to use and validate your emails and automatically appear trustworthy in the spam filters. The application proves who you are and your control of the domain name used in the emails.

5. Your IP address may be the cause.

In addition to lacking technical authentication, inaccurate sender information can lead to spam. If you use an email marketing provider, their servers deliver your emails. Even if one other customer sends spam, it could affect your deliverability as well. For this reason, we stress the importance of using a reputable email service provider we recommend, such as  AWeber, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, and others. They follow strict measures and regulations to prevent spam.

6. Include a Flawless Sender Address

Your sender’s address appears in the “From” field. Do not use numbers, punctuations, CAPITALS, or “spam” words.

Make sure the email address that you’re sending from matches the sender and your authentication information.  Use your company name, and when it is required, including a person’s name (co-worker’s/ assistant’s).

Add your physical address, your street address, or the P O box registered with the postal service. Add your physical address right above the “Unsubscribe” button.

8. Write Appropriate Subject Line

Spam filters go beyond words, your subject line shouldn’t appear as spam. Be honest and straightforward.  Emails that refer to money, opportunities, discounts, congratulations, and more end up in the Spam folder. However, as you may need to send such emails, be very thorough with the wording.

9.  Correct your emails

An occasional typo is no problem. But misspelling, poor grammar, and formatting often trigger spam filters. If you are uncomfortable with your writing skills, have a trusted editor proofread your mails or use an application such as Grammarly.

stop email going to spam

10.  Don’t forget to include the “Unsubscribe” button

As mentioned already, you need to comply with the CAN-SPAM-ACT and ensure your subscribers trust you. It is also indicative that you value your message.

Provide an easy and accessible link in the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of your email. You may lose some subscribers, but you gain trust. It is better to opt out of your list rather than report you as spam.

11.   Follow email best practices

Your HTML email may not follow the best practice. Keep your HTML code simple. Use a max width of 600-800 pixels.

Optimize your images for emails by compressing them to smaller file sizes. Keep image to text ratio low. Don’t send only image email, a single large image, too many or not enough,  because your emails are flagged spam.

Send attachments only when required. Sometimes attachments are used for malware or other mischievous activities. So, they attract spam filters, especially file types (like an .exe file).Have relevant links only to reputable sites.

12. Clean up your list

If your list is not updated regularly, and you continue sending emails to those who don’t exist, your mails are red-flagged as spam. If your emails get low open rates, it is a sign that they remain unopened, unread. Spam filtering algorithms check the ratio of active-inactive subscribers.  Lack of subscriber engagement is a sign of unwanted emails and is flagged spam. Cleaning your list will reduce your contacts but increase your deliverability.

13.  Maintain contact with your subscribers

Focus on getting the right subscribers. Segment your list and target your subscribers.  Offer value and consistency. Timing is vital, so make sure they get your emails when they expect them. Keep their interest active, show you care, and you know why they joined in the first place.

In some cases, subscribers mark your emails as spam because they don’t remember why they subscribed. To avoid such causes, have memorable branding in your emails, preferably matching that of your website. Include images, colors, etc. Personalize the email, address the subscriber by the first name.

Even if they unsubscribe, send an email requesting engagement before removing them from your list with a call-to-action button. Your interest may win them back.

14. Use a Spam Checker

Check your mails for technical issues with email deliverability.  The application can inform you if your mails are subject to spam filters or even if they are valid. You send the email and receive a report on how prone your email is to end up in the spam folder.

The best policy is honesty. Don’t promise more than you can provide, don’t try to trick your subscribers into opening your emails. Even if a small percentage of your emails end up in the spam folder, an equivalent amount of your revenue is lost. We hope our guideline was helpful.

15. Use an Email Marketing Software

Probably, that’s the best way to go if you want to get rid of that spam issue. There are many Email Marketing Platforms like Moosend, Omnisend, Constant Contact that can do the hard work for you and ensure you that your emails will NOT go to the spam folder. Feel confident to use one of the email marketing providers we recommend, as they will do all the above steps for you and will save you time and money. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for further assistance.

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By Aristides Seimanidis

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