URL inspection tool works with image files?

Google Search Console is the most essential tool that you need to explore and work on it when optimizing a website.

There are various of indexes and things you need to check there to ensure that you are on the right way to search engine optimize your website.

There is a well-known URL inspection tool in Google Search Console where you can easily put any URL of your website to check if it’s indexed by Google or not.

Today, I will answer to a visitor’s related question:

I put an image file URL to test if it’s crawled by Google but the results made me skeptical! Whatever change I made, I couldn’t make that URL being indexed by Google.

The answer is very quick and easy to understand.

That tool in Google Search Console works ONLY with URLs and not with image files!

image 2

So, no worries if the image files don’t show up in URL Inspection tool by Google.

Simply make sure you have optimized your images in your website and make sure that they have been correctly linked from the URLs that exist inside your sitemap.

If you are using WordPress along with Yoast SEO plugin, don’t forget to check out this article to learn more about indexing your images and putting the correct settings in Yoast plugin to ensure that your images will display correctly in Google Search Results

Have a great day and take care of your SEO !

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By Aristides Seimanidis

By Aristides Seimanidis

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