Top 31 Ecommerce tips for today’s retailers

Power your business with the best 31 eCommerce tips

Now may well be the best time to set up or grow your business in eCommerce. That may sound exciting, a lifetime experience, yet you need to be cautious to avoid costly mishaps.  Yet, it is advisable to do some homework before venturing into your new retailing.

1. Build an impressive Website

What the audience sees first is your website.  So, a good first impression is vital in getting more customers. Once they visit it, you want to keep them there and entice them into making a purchase.  A professionally-built website is worth every penny spent. To put it differently, you are not spending money, but you are investing in your business’s future.

The design of your eCommerce website must grasp all types of customers. A well-designed website convinces people to take a close look at what you offer.  Your website must convey information fast and concisely. It needs to evoke the trustworthiness of your business to potential customers.

website ecommerce tips

3.  Take advantage of the m-commerce strategy

Online stores need to be mobile-friendly. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices to be accessible to more customers. A mobile app is not necessary to do this. What you need for m-commerce are; a responsive design, an easy-to-use navigation menu, solid mobile search features, and easy checkout and payment.

Improve your site’s mobile accessibility with appropriate design and optimize your images so they can load faster. The more you improve your site’s accessibility, the more customers will possibly visit it.

4. Have your e-shop all set to go

First, complete all the steps before launching your online store.

Decide what you want to sell.

Create your logo, and have your page well-designed with graphics.

Optimize your site to draw customers and bring you sales.

Categorize your products clearly so that the shoppers can easily find what they are searching for.

 Include all relevant information for them, like contact form, shipping cost, return and refund policy.

Having a well-designed site shows professionalism and gives confidence to your customers to buy from you.

5. Offer customers easy access to relevant information.

Υour customers need to have access to all information regarding their purchases.  The customers should know about your shipping and return policies before their purchase. A contact form so customers can contact you easily.  24/7 customer service and an FQA page are helpful. You may want to consider a Chat on your site via Tawk, FB, or other services.

6.  Spread the word

Once your online store is ready to launch its products, spread the word. There are plenty of ways to achieve better results by spending less money but investing more time. One of the most important eCommerce strategies worth applying is search engine optimization. You can grow your customers without spending more on ads.

Increase your traffic through (SEO), creative content writing about your product, and keeping your blogs up to date. Make the best use of email marketing tools, social media, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

7.  Market your store beyond ads

It is not as difficult as it may look.  There are plenty of available applications to do all your tedious work with just a click. Do some research, and don’t hesitate to use their free trial option before purchasing the one that suits your needs.

Create ads that bring in traffic that converts into customers. You need to try different products to find what works for your store. Invest in marketing and advertising your eCommerce.  Choose the products that sell most. You need to be patient, as the results of your ads campaign will start showing after a few days.

8.  Why create multiple links?

It’s necessary to create external backlinks.  Promote your products on similar and popular blogs or magazines. The more links you have to your site, the less you spend on ads. Then, you can retarget the clicks to your site, which is much cheaper than trying to find new customers. The more sources you have driving traffic to your site, the more audience and potential customers you get.

9.  Facilitate online shopping

Help your customers find your products.

Your customers must be able to navigate through your eshop with ease and find what they are looking for in no time. Be specific with your product categories so customers can easily find the exact products they search for. The easier they find what they’re looking for, the more likely they’ll make a purchase.  Also, remember to remove products that are no longer available or do not sell because they have a negative impact on customers’ purchases.  

Provide “Product Comparison” so customers can easily compare product features and decide which meets their needs.

Offer a “Wishlist” so your customer can select products in a “Wishlist” for future purchase.

It is advisable to have clear images and product reviews to encourage buying. A short, detailed product description and how-to-use product information can help convince your customer to buy from your store.

10. No shipping cost is a plus.

Free shipping is always an incentive to buy online. Customers are usually hesitant to spend more money on a product, even more so from smaller, lesser-known companies. So, you should offer affordable shipping with ePackek offering a less expensive shipping service or free shipping with AliExpress.

In cases where the shipping cost is inevitable, have a flexible way of calculating shipping manually, based on location, weight, and special shipping class for the particular products.

Consumers like to know the total cost of their purchase before clicking the “Buy” button.

free shipping ecommerce

11. Outsourcing is necessary

Ecommerce is a 24/7 business. Of course, you can’t be there at all times. Also, eCommerce requires different skills, no matter how multi-talented you may be, it is not a one-man’s job.  Accounting, marketing, graphic design, content writing, and web design are just some skills you will need.  Find skillful people to work with to run a profitable business.

12.  Build your audience

Building your audience is essential. Try reaching out to people who are interested in your products. Request their feedback on your store. You can find and grow your audience by applying a mix of new tools and strategies and making all necessary adjustments as you grow.

13.  Increase your organic traffic

If you provide creative content, you have the edge over your competitors. The best way to do this is by creating unique content. Post compelling blogs regularly to grow your audience while engaging your customers and bringing new ones. Engaging blog content brings more visitors to your store through SEO and social media, which convert to sales. Monetize your blog content through special offers,  and feature your best products for special occasions.

14. Why consistency is critical to creating a loyalty program

It is essential to retain your customers while acquiring new ones, and this is accomplished by being consistent. That is, add new products, new offers, or even new blogs regularly, on specific days.  That way lets your customers know when to visit your site, and loyal customers will spend more on your products.

eshop ecommerce tips

The “Collect points” system lets your customers collect points on each purchase and keep them coming back to redeem their points in future purchases.

Focus on their preferences, social media engagement, and buying habits. Afterward, use this data to make the most out of your current customers, with ads and marketing targeting.  It is a profitable procedure in the long run.

15.  Visual marketing tools to better ROI

Increase conversion rate and sales with visual material.  Product videos attract more potential shoppers as they are more explicit and show how to use the items, which is more convincing for the customer.  Although creating such videos is time-consuming, it gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals and increases your ROI (Return On Investment).

16. Social media

Use social media to build and engage your audiences.  Do not rely on just one social platform experiment with different platforms.  Consumers like to connect with brands they see on social media.  Powerful social media posts, sharing knowledge and interests, can encourage user-generated content like tagged photos. When your customers start sharing their pictures, you can post them on your social channels and let your audience feel they matter.

17.  Let automation tools work for you.

Ecommerce automation tools can simplify your job. Shopify tools like Kit allow you to automate order processing and marketing and allow you to spend more time making sales and enjoying your profits. The marketing CRM tools can help you organize and connect your audience data.  This approach lets you identify favorable circumstances and create personalized communications to meet your audience’s needs and desires. Take advantage of free trials on apps to find the right ones for you.

You can try out the free trials of several apps. Find which apps suit your needs best. Begin with apps that help grow your business, like upsell and abandoned cart apps, and their price tiers are cost-friendly to your budget.  

18.  Build an email list

Send emails regularly and promotions to your customers. Email marketing helps you send offers to your best customers, recover abandoned carts, and provide value by informing your customers with practical tips for your product. Choose from an abundance of affordable email tools to facilitate your work.

email list ecommerce

19.  Enrich and renew your product list

At times you may need to change your product list. Take out products that don’t sell and include new products that are gaining popularity in the market.  You can use the Automizely app to find products for your store in any category, from fashion to hardware just a button click.  You can include a trendy item but don’t invest in it as it may be outdated before you know it.  Prefer products that last, such as fashion, fitness, pets, accessories, and home furnishings.   It is necessary to stay alert to new products and competitors in your eCommerce field.

new products ecommerce tips

20.  Don’t forget discount opportunities.

Price is often an issue for many customers. There are various apps available that let you see and compare competitors’ prices, such as DataCrops and Import.io. Shoppers always look for the best offer money can buy using available online tools.  You should price your products high enough to afford to offer them at a lower price and submit your discount code to popular sites.

This method helps shoppers find the discount for your product and make their purchases. You can also include discount codes on social media. Urge your customers to take action by putting a countdown timer showing that the offer ends after a specified period, for example, in 48 hours.

You can also consider a pack offer. When customers purchase product  X, they receive an additional discount if they buy products X and Y together.

 Keep your customers satisfied with saving money when they buy products they want.  Take into consideration that shoppers are looking for the best price for a specific item, not necessarily the lowest price.

discount ecommerce

21.  Price Tiers

If you are marketing services, then provide “Tier Pricing”.  So, you should include a “Register Form” for premium customers.  The “Registered” customers will see different prices on the same products and will have access only after manual approval.  Based on this pricing system, your customers will receive tier pricing, and you can show various costs to your customers.  Such pricing encourages potential customers to register to make more economical purchases.

22. Choose an appropriate payment method.

You should offer 2-3 payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, Stripe, or 2-Checkout because they are the most popular and trusted. Choose the most favorable for your customers and offer alternatives, and let your customers choose which they prefer.

payment ecommerce

23. Provide security to your customers

Security is a concerning issue when personal and financial data is shared online.  Eshops risk customer data being stolen, especially with credit card transactions occurring online every day. Your customers need to feel their sensitive data is safeguarded for all interactions on your site.

 8 More Technical tips for eCommerce

1.  A high Website speed is necessary. That is A on GT Metrix and over 70/100 on mobile and over 90/100 on google page speed insights.

2. Image size: Optionally, it is better to compress all your photos when you upload and ideally upload in web format for better speed.

3.  A meta description field should be on every page that can be easily defined from the back end.

4.  Create your sitemap link to register in Google Search Console.

5.  It is advisable to have Google Analytics installed to monitor your customers’ engagement on your site.  This helps you see all the sales, add to cart, abandoned cart, etc.

google analytics ecommerce

6.  Facebook Pixel dashboard will give you vital insights on how visitors use your Website and their engagement, so you know when someone took action after seeing your Facebook ad. So, you can reach out to these customers through Custom Audience.  Conversion optimization improves Facebook ad delivery to more potential customers for your eCommerce.

7. Sell more with pop-ups. After 30-second browsing on the site, a pop-up appears with “Fill in your email to receive a 10% discount on the first order”.  Email addresses should be entered in a database to give the discount to users, and linked to Mailchimp, or any other email service app you are using.

When your customers add a product to their cart, they will enter their email so that in case of an Abandoned Cart, you can send an automated email.

pop ups ecommerce

8.  Security Apps Make use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) to secure your customers’ online shopping experience.  A security system ensures that transactions and data are encrypted.  Two-way authentication is also a better way to further secure your online store.  TLS can also be used to encrypt other communications as well, such as email, messaging, and voice-over IP.

Successful eCommerce is an ongoing process.

A key to successful eCommerce is trying out products and methods to see what works best for you.  Maintain what brings desired results but always be on the lookout for new products and tools which will facilitate your growth and bring in new customers.

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