The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing (Free & Paid Strategies)

If you’re not utilizing Facebook to promote your business, you’re missing out on a huge potential customer base, as Facebook has more than a billion members. We’ve made the complete Facebook check list to make sure you don’t forget anything. For you to have an effective Facebook campaign, this checklist will have two sub-checklists: marketing and advertising on Facebook.

Strategy #1 Facebook Marketing: Basic steps to create your professional page and engage more users organically

Setup Your Facebook Business Profile

The first step in using Facebook for marketing is to create a page for your business. If you’ve already got a profile set up on Facebook, you may skip this step. If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, you may create one using your personal profile.

  • Simply login to your profile page.
  • The Pages menu item may be found on the right side of the screen.
  • The first step is to select the New Page option.
  • Provide the requested details.

Complete Your Profile By Adding Details

You may begin developing your company profile after obtaining one. The most vital information should be included in your profile to keep users informed. A hardware store in Buffalo, New York, provided a complete example of a business profile.

In this section, you will find details like:

  1. Details for making contact
  2. Physical Business Location
  3. Website
  4. A brief history of your business
  5. Business hours

You should make sure your entire profile has this content because it’s vital for your target audience.

Make Sure You Have A Profile Picture And A Cover Photo

Our Facebook advertising plan continues with incorporating a profile picture and cover photo. In order to build a complete profile, you must have both of these.

Profile Photo

Make sure your profile image is memorable if you want people to identify you in your company’s posts.Brand awareness depends a lot on this image, so choose one that fits your company well.

In most cases, a company logo is the ideal option for a Facebook profile picture. So, a random person who comes to your site can see your logo and know right away what company it is for.

Cover Photo

Once the profile picture has been uploaded, cover photos are added. You may show a bit more creativity with your cover photo. It’s important that your cover photo reflects your business, but there is no single ideal choice.

Apple, for one, uses its cover photo to promote one of its iPhones. The cover shot for Aeropostale’s catalogue has real customers modelling the company’s wares. On the other hand, Target went with a rather straightforward logo design.

You may be as original as you like with your company’s cover photo, so long as it fits in with the company’s overall aesthetic.

Share A Variety Of Content

The material you share on Facebook is the next item on our marketing checklist. Once your profile is ready, you can begin sharing material with your followers, but you’ll want to make sure it’s geared for interaction. Making content that people want to read means:

  • Producing video demonstrations of your product in action or tours of your facilities
  • Distributing informative blogs on business-related topics using eye-catching headlines
  • Providing high-resolution images of your wares or their use

Using a variety of content forms can help your Facebook marketing strategy succeed. The blog readership may not be universally enthusiastic about reading text postings and clicking on links. If you want your social media strategy to be effective, you need to provide content in a variety of formats that appeal to the many ways that people consume information.

Your posts should include: Photos/Images, Text posts, GIFS, Videos, Live Stream Videos and Links to Information.

Try out a variety of these content types to see what your audience responds to best. If you use this method, the results of your Facebook marketing will be better for your target audience.

Don’t forget to use related hashtags to gain more visibility!

facebook ads

Set Up A Schedule For Your Social Media Posts

The more active you become on Facebook, the more content you’ll find yourself producing weekly to share with your followers. It’s easy to let your Facebook presence get lost in the shuffle if you’re also active on other social media networks. As a result, the next step in Facebook marketing is to create a social media calendar.

You may already be familiar with the format of a content marketing calendar, and that’s because the social media calendar follows a very similar pattern. In order to keep track of what will be posted and when, you create a monthly social media schedule. If you want to see the big picture of your Facebook marketing campaign, this is a vital item on your to-do list.

Find any inconsistencies in your campaign and areas where you can add more content. Plus, it ensures that you’ll have regular material to publish.

Social Interaction

When you study the ins and outs of Facebook marketing, you come to appreciate the vital role that audience participation plays in the ultimate success of your campaigns. Successful Facebook marketing requires constant interaction with your target demographic, both in the comments section and via Facebook Messenger. Make careful to respond to comments on your postings, even if they are brief.

Particularly important are responses to comments that raise questions or express worries. Similarly, you should check Facebook Messenger frequently to respond to fans as soon as possible. Messenger is a great way for people to voice queries or concerns, so it’s important to keep an eye on it and respond immediately.

This demonstrates your concern for them and affords you an opportunity to deliver outstanding service. Interactions between users are essential to the success of any social media platform. It aids in establishing credibility and familiarity with your brand within your target demographic, which in turn increases interaction with your brand and ultimately, sales.

Consider seriously joining Facebook Groups related to your business. You can also ask the permission from the group admin to give you the permission to post something relevant to your business in the FB group.

Keep Track of Your Organic Postings

Our list of Facebook marketing tips includes monitoring your organic posts. You should always monitor the results of any Facebook post you share. Use this to your advantage to find out more about the best time to publish, the best types of content, and more.

You may accomplish this with the help of Facebook Insights, the social media giant’s in-house analytics system. You should track metrics such as Engagement, Follows, Likes, Reach and Shares:

The success of your Facebook strategy will depend on your ability to zero in on the metrics that matter the most.

Strategy #2 Facebook Paid Ads: Steps to Create Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

A Facebook advertising checklist is essential to complement your Facebook marketing efforts. Promoting your company on Facebook can help you contact potential customers who aren’t yet aware of your existence. Here is a check list you may use while planning your Facebook advertising campaign:

Creating An Account For Facebook Advertising

You must create a Facebook ad account in order to begin advertising on Facebook. You may create your ad account by going to the Facebook Business Manager.

Choose an Advertising Objective

Selecting your ad aim is the next item on the Facebook advertisement check list. Developing your ad objective can help you understand the goals of your campaign. A few possible advertising goals might be to improve Conversions, Brand Awareness, Leads, Traffic, Messages and Reach:

facebook organic increase

For each campaign, you must specify your Facebook ad target in Facebook Ad Manager. You can select the most appropriate ad aim from a list provided by Facebook. After deciding what you want your ad to do, you can start making the rest of it.

facebook marketing methods

Select Your Ad Type                

You may pick from a number of different ad types on Facebook, much as you do with organic Facebook content. Facebook advertising comes in a wide variety, including: Right column ads, Videos ads,Photo ads, Carousel ads, Dynamic product ads, Instant Experiences, Slideshow ads and Collection ads.

In order to determine which format is most effective for your company, you should try out a few different options.

Decide Who You Want To Reach

Discovering your audience is essential for a successful campaign. You need to analyze your present clientele to determine factors like Location, Gender, Age, Occupation, Buying Habits, Interests/Hobbies and Familial Status.

Make use of this data to create marketing personas. Creating marketing personas, which are fictitious representations of real consumers, allows you to target new clients who are most likely to buy your products. There are a variety of targeting choices available on Facebook, depending on who you’re trying to contact.

Listed below are some of Facebook’s targeting criteria:

Core audience: You may narrow down your target audience by factors such as their age, interests, where they live, etc.

Custom audience: Find people who have interacted with your company before, whether online or in person, and focus on them.

Lookalike audiences: Aim for people that are similar to your current customers.

facebook blog posting

Establish A Budget          

Decide how much money you want to spend on Facebook advertising. So that you don’t go over your budget, it’s important to choose a maximum bid for your ad. Facebook offers two different pricing tiers:

Total budget: Spending no more than the overall budget during the entire campaign is essential. With a $1,000 total budget, for example, your campaign will continue until all $1,000 has been spent.

Daily budget: A daily budget is a predetermined sum of money that may be spent on the campaign every day. So, if you’re running a 5 day campaign on a budget of $10 each day, it will cost you $50.

There is no one best budget plan, yet both can help your company. If your campaign is time-sensitive, you may want to allocate the full budget up front so that you don’t waste money. Spreading your spending over a longer period of time with a daily budget is ideal for a campaign with a longer time frame.

facebook methods budget

Submit Ad Designs

Ad creatives can be uploaded once the campaign has been set up. Depending on the format you choose, several kinds of ad creatives will be available. Invest in high-quality imagery while making your advertisements.

The goal is to present an image that is both legible and proportionately large, regardless of whether you’re using a photo or video. Don’t upload photos that have been stretched or pixelated, because they won’t give you the results you want.

Go Live With Your Facebook Ad!

When you’re ready to start attracting visitors to your Facebook page, you may publish your ad.

Install the Facebook Pixel                 

Putting up a Facebook pixel is a crucial step in every Facebook advertising strategy. Put a little bit of code called the Facebook pixel in your site’s header, and Facebook will begin tracking visitors. With this code in place, you may monitor visitors’ actions on your site.

Here are the steps for implementing the code:

  1. In the Facebook Ads Manager, select the Events menu
  2. Just click “Create a Pixel”
  3. You need to get your code and put it on your site

Retargeting campaigns may be implemented using the Facebook pixel. People who visit your site but don’t buy anything straight away can be retargeted and encouraged to make a purchase at a later time.

Keep Tabs On How Well Your Ads Are Doing

Checking off ad performance indicators as completed is the final item on your Facebook advertising checklist. You need to know if your advertising effort is effective before you begin it. If it isn’t working optimally, make the necessary changes.

What you want to accomplish with your campaign will determine the metrics you choose to track. Among the metrics you might keep an eye on are Clicks, Clickthrough rate (CTR), Video Views, Reach, Conversions, etc.

If your advertising isn’t getting you the results you want, split-test it to see where you can make changes.

facebook marketing methods ads

Explore Additional Resources for Facebook Business Promotion

You can now start establishing your Facebook profile with the help of the marketing and advertising checklists you created. AtalosWeb is available to assist you if you are feeling overwhelmed. If you need assistance creating a successful social media strategy, our team is here to help.

Do you want to launch your Facebook marketing campaign? To learn more about our Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising services, please call (917) 675-3246 or send an email to info@atalosweb.com.

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