Easily Compare the Best 13 Value for Money Email Marketing Tools

The easiest way to find the cheapest and the best Email Marketing Software for your business. Don’t pay for features that you will never use! Check out our Comparison Table

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Make the Smartest Choice for your Business Today!

Compare features and pricing for each email marketing software. Data Updated December 2021

Features/CompanyOmnisend email automation toolAweber Email Marketing SoftwareConstant Contact Email Marketing ToolMoosend email marketing toolHubspot CRM Email Marketing Tool 2Getresponse email marketing campaign toolSendpulse email newsletter softwareActive Campaign Email Marketing ToolSendiblue Email Marketing SoftwareMailerlite email marketing solutionSender net email marketing campaignsConvertkit Email Marketing automation toolMilchimp email marketing services
Free Plan250 contacts / 500 emails / Up to 60 SMS Most Features500 contacts / 3,000 Emails / Min. FeaturesFree 30-day Trial / Unlimited Contacts / All Features30 day free trial to all packages Most FeaturesUnlimited Contacts and Emails / Min. Features500 contacts / Unlimited Emails / Min. Features500 subscribers / 15,000 emails / Min. Features14 day free trial to all packages Most FeaturesUnlimited Contacts / 300 emails-day / Min. Features1,000 contacts/ 12,000 emails / Min. Features 2,500 Contacts / 15,000 emails / Min. Features1,000 Contacts / Unlimited Emails / Min. Features 2,000 contacts / 10.000 emails / Min. Features
Min Plan for up to 1,000 contacts$20 $26.25 $38.25 $13 $45 $11$12$18.75 $25 /10,000 emails$10 $12.50 $25 $20.99
Min Plan for up to 5,000 contacts $65 $46.15 $55.25 $38 $216$35 $35$59.25$25 /10,000 emails$30 $12.50 $66 $52.99
Min Plan for up to 10,000 contacts $115 $66.15 $80.75 $70 $396$47 $53$93.75$54 /40,000 emails$50 $20.75 $100 $78.99
Min Plan for up to 50,000 contacts $330 $389.15 $284.75 $252$1,836 $175 $191$206.25$99 /100,000 emails$210 $104 $316 $270
Emails in minimum plan 12x ListUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5x ListUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited10,000Unlimited 12x ListUnlimited 10x List
Customer Support 24/7 Chat24/7 Chat / Phone Working Hours Chat / Phone24/5 Chat / Phone 24/7 Chat / Phone 24/7 Chat 24/7 ChatWorking Hours Chat / Email Email / Phone24/7 Chat 24/7 Chat / Email / Phone24/7 Chat / Email24/7 Chat / Phone
Competititve Advantage All users on ANY plan get free SMS/MMS creditsAll Features Included in the minimum plans. Canva IntegrationCreate Facebook, Instagram Ads and Social Posts Email based on the weather conditions in user's area.Complete CRM solution with unlimited integrations Highly engaging webinarsComplete CRM solution with chatbots to grab fresh leads Optimized for eCommerce storesUnlimited Contacts to ALL Plans - Pay only for the email volumeSell your first digital product in minutesLowest price in the industryThe only company offering 30-day RefundLeading Company in the industry with a complete CRM
Website traffic (SimilarWeb) 763.54K8.6M18.38M798.54K37.23M7.64M11.1M1.76M3.87M5.53M683.68K5.08M24.1M
Capterra Rating4.
CompanyOmnisend email automation toolAweber Email Marketing SoftwareConstant Contact Email Marketing ToolMoosend email marketing toolHubspot CRM Email Marketing Tool 2Getresponse email marketing campaign toolSendpulse email newsletter softwareActive Campaign Email Marketing ToolSendiblue Email Marketing SoftwareMailerlite email marketing solutionSender net email marketing campaignsConvertkit Email Marketing automation toolMilchimp email marketing services

Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool for your Business Today!

Your research for the best email marketing platform ends here! Easily compare the most popular Email marketing software, and get started with the one that suits best your current needs.  

All companies mentioned above offer Free-forever plans or Free Trials for you to check before upgrading. Furthermore, we selected the most popular companies where all those features are available: Αutoresponders, easy-to-use drag and drop email builders, professionally designed email templates, advanced segmentation, and free WordPress Plugin.


Things to consider before choosing the most suitable email marketing tool for your business?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business today, but like everything else, it’s evolving too. Let’s have a closer look at the email marketing software features that you should take into consideration before choosing the best tool for your own business:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Deliverability of your emails 
  • Integrations with third-party apps
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Pricing on upgrades
  • Design of Email Templates
  • Availability of Support
  • Additional Features (Landing Page, SMS, Webinars, etc)
  • GDPR compliance (for EU customers)

Generally speaking, the software which suits you best depends on your budget, contact list, and exclusive needs. So, let’s have a closer look into the best email marketing automation tools for your business and what they can do for your business.

top email marketing tools

Save Time on Research! Discover More Email Marketing Tools to Help you Make the Right Choice

#1 Moosend – Unique Features only from $8/mo

Moonsend email software is used by businesses worldwide, so why not help your business deliver effective emails that get opened and clicked more times?

Some of its powerful features include Drag & Drop Email Editor, A/B Testing, and Data Analytics to collect valuable data effortlessly and share it across all your online channels.

Create messages that sell, reach your subscribers effortlessly at the right moment with what they need to see. Use the most advanced list segmentation and be a step ahead of our customers. Moosend is one of the best email marketing platforms that has also a unique feature that you can send emails based on the weather conditions in user’s area!

The best-performing automation workflows are here to save you time and money.  For all your marketing needs integrate Moosend with any e-commerce platform, website, or CRM without the need for HTML knowledge. Customer quality support is available 24/5 with Chat or Phone.  Get started for as low as $8/mo for up to 1,000 contacts.

moosend email marketing service 1

#2 MailerLite – Sell your first digital product in minutes 

MailerLite is an email automation software that offers all the features you need to take email marketing beyond the inbox. Keep track of your customer data, create and manage emails with ease, target, and segment users automatically, keep your email list growing and bring and engage new customers.

Its drag & drop editor makes email and newsletter design an easy task. It helps you earn more by monetizing newsletters with a recurring subscription or selling digital products from your emails and landing pages.

Profit from the advanced tools and 24/7 chat support along with all the powerful features you need to succeed and enhance your workflows

You can use MailerLite for Free for up to 1,000 contacts or try the complete marketing software from only $10 per month.

mailerlite email marketing tool

#3 Sender.net – One of the lowest prices in the industry

Sender.net lets you keep in touch with your customers at the right moment and grow your business. Automate your email marketing, and create powerful triggered workflows.

All you want is here, in this email automation tool, without the need for technical skills.

Stay tuned with your subscribers with the right messages and offers to keep your customers coming back for more.

Send triggered emails, well-designed templates, and stay tuned with all your subscribers with the right messages and offers to keep your customers coming back for more.

It has easy integration with all the tools you already use for your business.

Get started for free no credit card required. With its Free Forever plan, you can send up to 15,000 emails/mo to 2,500 subscribers. Their minimum plan for 50,000 subscribers costs only $104/mo . Get Started with Sender.net

sender net email templates

#4 Active Campaign – Email Marketing optimized for eCommerce Store

Active Campaign is an email marketing software used by a wide range of companies worldwide. With Active Campaign you can create drag & drop emails to increase your subscriber engagements, meet their interests. Most importantly, you do not need any technical skills to use their email marketing automation, and CRM tools. You can also use this solution to increase sales to your eCommerce website!

Create email newsletters, campaigns, targeted and customized emails, offering what your subscribers need. Find great automation , a user-friendly interface, a great level of support from their team when it comes to onboarding and training. Anyone that has an ecommerce store on WooCommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce should try Active Campaign.

Customer support is always available.  It is reasonably priced, with a minimum price plan of $18.75/mo for 1,000 contacts and no setup fees. You can also try it for Free for 14 days!

Active Campaign Email Marketing Software

#5 OmniSend – Email Automation + FREE free SMS/MMS credits

Omnisend email tool is a marketing platform gaining popularity with an extremely high rating in Capterra (4.8/5). It is professionally- designed to assist e-commerce brands in email marketing, SMS, and automation. Create skillful, customized campaigns in a short time.

With e-commerce on the rise, create unique email templates to reduce cart abandonment and drive more customers. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of segmentation options. You can easily create shoppable emails, push notification campaigns, product promotions, and lots more. There is a free forever plan for up to 250 subscribers or you can choose a paid plan for just $20/mo. for 1,000 contacts.

omnisend email marketing platform

#6 ConvertKit – Easily Sell digital products & subscriptions

ConvertKit helps you increase your online income with ease.  It’s a platform loved by Musicians, Authors, Podcasters and Coaches!
No tech skills are required to promote your latest project and attract more subscribers with powerful landing pages, sign-up forms, and links that integrate the tools you use to expand your reach.

All the automation you will ever need for customized, well-timed, targeted messages. Start selling your digital products in just minutes on your website. Enjoy their exceptional support team who are live any time you want help from them 24/7/365.

Get started for Free and send unlimited Emails to 1,000 contacts

convertkit email marketing tools

#7 Aweber – Email Marketing with the power of Canva.com

AWeber email automation provider will boost your sales and enhance your audience engagement.

Get more sales and customers with professionally designed email and landing page templates with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. It’s the only email and landing page platform with direct integration with Canva to create uniquely designed emails.

Integrate with all the tools you already use. Segmentation and tagging are a must to target emails and organize your subscribers. Get to the inbox and have your messages read to build customer loyalty and trust.

It also helps you set up your online store in no time and accept one-off or recurring payments in 100+ currencies.

Get started for free, up to 500 subscribers for start-ups. As you grow your business professionally, it’s just $26.25 /mo. for 1,000 contacts billed annually.

aweber email marketing tool

#8 Constant Contact- Email Marketing + Social Posts and Ads in the same platform

Constant Contact is another email marketing tool worth considering.

Constant Contact lets you send effective emails with your designs. Its easy-to-use features help you customize triggered emails, and its real-time email tracking tools keep you informed of your subscriber’s engagement and interests.

Increase your sales and keep your customers satisfied with segmented, triggered emails. ConstantContact does exactly what its name suggests. It keeps you in touch beyond the inbox with your customers in many ways, online surveys, coupons, events, and lots more. You can create and manage your Facebook Posts or Ads, all on the same platform! Excellent Customer support is available in more than one way (chat and phone support are available too), and most importantly, you can try all features in their 30 day FREE trial.

constant contact email marketing tool 1

#9 HubSpot – Email Marketing + Complete CRM solution with unlimited Integrations

HubSpot email marketing automation is one of the best email automation tools used by small and big companies. It also offers an all-in-one Sales CRM tool, email marketing automation, landing page builder platform and much more! It lets you customize the user experience based on behavior and gives a better user interface.

It’s one of the most popular solution that thousands of small or big companies are currently using. HubSpot’s actual website traffic reaches 37 million visits per month based on SimilarWeb.

You can even find Pre-written email marketing templates

Hubspot email marketing templates

A most important feature is its analytics that keeps track of your email campaign conversions. For a start, it is affordable at just $45/month for 1,000 contacts. But if you add extra features and grow your list, you will need to pay more.

There is also a Free plan that you can use with Unlimited Contacts and you will be able to send Unlimited Emails but with limited features. You can start with the Free plan to check all unique HubSpot’s features!

#10 GetResponse- Email Marketing + Landing Page Builder + Engaging Webinars  

GetResponse is one of the best email automation software in the market and email service providers. It is easy to use with useful features such as autoresponder, which lets you design workflows with a user-friendly drag-and-drop fast interface.

Segmentation tools let you create targeted, tailored emails your subscribers will open and engage.

You can create high converting landing pages with GetResponse tools and above all, if you are fun of Webinars, GetResponse tools will help you create the most engaging ones!

Get the complete marketing software free forever if you manage 500 contacts, and upgrade with just $11/mo. for 1,000 subscribers.

GetResponse Email Marketing Company

#11 MailChimp – Leading Company in the Industry with a complete CRM

MailChimp email marketing automation software is one of the most popular in the industry. In terms of email automation, it allows you to personalize your emails. Send the right email at the right time. Create well-triggered messages with customized transactional emails using API.

It saves templates and contacts to save you time. Its internal database lets you store contacts, and offers an intuitive interface. It offers Ecommerce integrations with just one click.  Make use of its data-driven automation and optimization tools for your businesses to grow in no time.

Pricing starts at $20.99/month based on 1,000 contacts.

Hope that we helped you make the right choice 🙂

Time is money, and every effort counts. So, opt for the best email marketing software to serve your needs.

Remember your powerful messages must reach the inbox at the right time with the right content.

We tried to cover the best email campaign tools that will assist you effortlessly and most economically for your business. We hope you pick the right one and enjoy more online profits. If you still need help choosing the right email marketing tool for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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