10 Key Things to Consider Before Buying a Web Hosting Package

There are several key points to consider before buying a web hosting package. Factors like website security, bandwidth, and website speed should be considered before buying a web hosting package

Web hosting is needed for your site to be available on the internet 24/7. Your website content can only be available on the web when stored on a remote computer called the “host.”

Your site’s presence on the internet is possible through the use of web hosting companies. These establishments operate remotely and save you the cost of owning your servers. Apart from saving money, these companies can help save lots of time as well.

Cloud Hosting is one of the most popular and affordable solutions for most websites since it ensures you high speed and eliminates server downtimes. Currently there is a great offer from Fastcomet which offers you reliable cloud hosting services at 80% off till 9th September! Check this offer here!

The advantages of a web hosting service are unlimited. However, the major problem you could face is knowing how to go about choosing a package. Every hosting web package comes with several pros and cons regarding factors like storage limits, bandwidth, and more.

Great packages may be costly, and average packages may not be so appealing. There are several factors to understand before making your final decision. This article will show you 10 essential things you should consider before buying a web hosting package. After this write-up, you will know the exact steps to take for the best results.

Reseller hosting is one type of web hosting, so if you want to learn what is reseller hosting , feel free to follow this link. 

Here are 10 essential things to consider before purchasing a hosting web package:

1.    Website Speed

High website speed improving user experience through web hosting

The speed of your site is critical. It determines user-experience and traffic. A slow website leads to a poor user experience, while a fast site results in a better user experience. In many cases, people abandon a webpage that doesn’t load fast, especially when it’s not due to a poor connection.

Apart from its effect on user-experience, your website speed determines SEO. If your website doesn’t load quickly, it will lead to lower rankings. A low google rank is not suitable for your business because it significantly lowers your business’s web presence.

Several reasons may cause your webpage to load slowly. In web hosting, there’s a scratch disk known as the SSD server. This server is essential for both the website database and files.

The problem is that some hosting providers provide these servers for databases only, instead of both files and databases. When the SSD server functions only for databases, it leads to poor site performance. Companies like Fastcomet offer up to 300% faster access to databases and files than non-SSD web hosting services.

2.    Website Security

Web hosting website security avoiding data breach by hackers

The security of your site should also be a top priority. Adequate website security keeps both cyber-thieves and hackers away from accessing sensitive data on your site. A weak security strategy opens your business up to escalate malware and attacks on your site and other IT infrastructures.

In the world wide web today, there are more than 1.5 billion sites. Everyone relies on their search engines for the information they need. For this reason, search engine optimization is crucial. Unfortunately, when your website security is questionable, search engines like google give customers warnings, restricting them from entering your site.

Web Hosting providers pay attention to several things to ensure that your site is kept secure. Two of these things are the SSL and firewall. The SSL means the Secure Sockets Layer, and it is responsible for ensuring that sensitive information flowing through the site is kept private and secure.

A firewall is needed to monitor the HTTP traffic flowing through web apps. This type of firewall is called the Web App Firewall, and it provides more specific security, unlike the conventional network firewall. It prevents SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and vulnerability probing.

In terms of security, you can trust companies like Fastcomet that make use of the ModSecurity Firewall. They have every important setting preconfigured for your site.

3.    Unlimited storage

Person using a laptop and enjoying unlimited storage due to a good web hosting package

Unlimited storage sounds unfeasible to many people. However, you should know that unlimited storage usually means a very high storage space that could be difficult to exceed or use up because it usually gets expanded in some cases. Note that unlimited space is usually not a problem in many sites. However, the data transfer speed is a significant concern.

In picking a web hosting package, you need to find how much web hosting storage you need. There are obvious factors that influence the amount of space you have on your site.

Some examples of things that influence your need are images, video, music, and other documents or files. It doesn’t just stop at these virtual objects. Other things like emails, system files, and the number of site pages also play essential roles.

Impressive companies like Fastcomet offer a limit of 35GB of storage space in FastCloud Extra Package, which is relatively high.

4.    Bandwidth

Firing light beams indicating bandwidth for web hosting site

Your site bandwidth is the amount of traffic between your website and the internet. It’s a crucial factor to consider when buying a web hosting package. The amount of bandwidth you have determines how fast your site can deliver your visitors’ content at the peak traffic periods.

When choosing your web hosting package, you should ensure that what you pick provides the bandwidth that your site needs. Certain things affect your bandwidth requirements. Complex web pages require greater bandwidth. Hence, when there are lots of images, files, videos, and audios, your site will need a high amount of bandwidth.

It’s possible to calculate the amount of bandwidth needed by adding all the file sizes of your site’s component. After the addition, you should total the amount of potential traffic your site receives monthly. Some services provide an impressive bandwidth. For instance, Fastcomet has a limit of 92160 MB.

5.    Renewal Price

The renewal price of your hosting web package is sometimes more important than the starting price. Many companies offer a relatively low cost, which is usually valid for the first package of your purchase. Unfortunately, these companies increase their rates when it’s time for renewal, and then the prices become too expensive. Now Fastcomet has a great offer up to 85% OFF till 9th September. So it’s a great opportuinity to buy a hosting package for 3 years at a very low price (around 110$)

The good news is that unique companies like Fastcomet may give you a great offer if you contact their support for a more reasonable renewal price.

6.    Backup Frequency

Data backup importance for web hosting

Backups help prevent the loss of transactions, customers, and content. Generally, regular backup helps in preventing the loss of all your essential data. You can liken the importance of consistent data backup for your site to your conventional computer backup.

The difference between the computer backup and that of your site is that you wouldn’t be doing this backup for yourself and website backup usually deals with larger files.

Web hosting providers usually make the backup process automated. You must confirm that your provider will offer you access to daily backups for a minimum of fifteen days before. Fastcomet provides daily and weekly backups of data for up to 30 days to avoid loss of information.

7.    cPanel Availability

The cPanel availability is crucial, especially when you need to transfer the website to another host in the future. There are so many advantages of a cPanel. It helps you manage every part of your file management, backups, email management, FTP, and more.

A cPanel is quite common. It’s a proven method of managing your website from any location with a good internet connection. If you own a site, then you can benefit from cPanel hosting. Fastcomet is powered by cPanel for easy point-and-click management of your hosting account.

8.    Hosting Support Options & Availability

The best thing we like most in Fastcomet is their unique support team. You can contact them through chat or by creating a ticket and they will help you extremly quickly! They are always available 24h a day and their support team has been fully educated to support you even if you face a problem that is not 100% related to their server. For example, they can even find for you the WP plugin that causes a conflict on your website. Other companies don’t provide support in that level and may tell you some more generic advice that would not be helpful at all.

9.    Email Quota

Email quota of web hosting service

Generally, the term “quota” is used in IT to signify a physical disk’s storage limit. However, this term doesn’t necessarily have to mean a physical space. It can also signify an online quota. The email quota means the limit on how much space your email can take up. As a user, you may have email inboxes shared on a specific mail server. Web hosting providers give a particular email quota to prevent you from exceeding the allocated quota.

Hence, it would be best if you start by checking for how much storage for email you may need before picking a web hosting provider. After confirming the amount of storage that suits you, the next step is to check for a package with a suitable email quota for you.

A good number of hosting providers have a limit of 2GB. If you want to use more disk space, you may need to use the free pop services from Gmail or outlook. If the hosting provider offers more disk space, then you need to go for a higher plan.

10.    Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting solution is the best solution in terms of speed, performance, reliability and network availability. Shared hosting packages means that each website or application is sharing the same physical server hardware. On the other hand Cloud Hosting uses an unlimited number of servers to effectively behave as one server system. Fastcomet is one of the most reliable companies that offer Cloud Hosting Packages and currently at up to 85% OFF starting from $1.99/mo (Offer ends at 9th September 2022)


Web hosting is an integral part of your business. So, it’s essential to pay attention to this aspect of your business. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to pick the best provider for you. If you pay attention to all 10 factors, you will experience great results in your entire business.

All 10 factors are crucial, but you need to place website security and website speed as significant priorities. Those two things determine how your customers see you and how trustworthy you are as a business. Search engines like google also favor sites with good speeds and security. We highly recommend to use Fastcomet Cloud Hosting services as an affordable and reliable solution

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